Upcoming Conference

Finally managed to put aside a couple minutes to announce that I’ll be at the South Coast Writers Conference in Gold Beach this Saturday.  I got the ticket as a Christmas present this past year and am fairly excited to go based on previous experiences there.  I can’t even remember what seminars I signed up for but I’ll be sure to talk about them in my write-up afterwards. 

Thus far I don’t recognize any of the names of the people presenting but I’m sure after a day of wining-and-dining I’ll know a couple of them.  These things are always a bit awkward though because I’m usually the youngest one there by a generation or so, but it is kind of amazing at how willing people are to talk to you about writing even if they were getting married around the time you were born.

So not much to say in this entry, other than I’m alive, working on stuff, and will be going to this weekend’s conference.  If you’re in the area I’d definitely recommend going.  Hell I’d recommend going to any writers’ conference in your area.  They’re awesome and make you feel awesome, by God.