Weekly Writing Check In – Just when you get ahead…

Even though I really need to finish up my camp manuscript by this time tomorrow (because I have a business trip the last two days) I have to stop 1k short of today’s goal because I’m just too dang tired. Writing whilst tired only works if they’re sexy scenes, after all. And this is not a sexy scene. More like a bloody scene. *sigh*

Camp Nanowrimo/CROSS//Process

My goal for today was 37k, but I’m stopping at just a little of 36k. I had a six-day work week this past week, which wasn’t bad before I got internet back on Thursday…heh, guess what I spent all Thursday night doing? ;D 4k left doesn’t sound too bad when it just turned the 29th here, but like I mentioned above I have a business trip on the 30th and 31st and have to take my crappy little laptop with me that will shit itself at the thought of opening Word, let alone verifying a huge 50k document. So I hope to have it finished by the time I leave! It’ll happen, I’ll just have to sit down tomorrow and pound out that 4k in little 1k increments. I still wrote 12k this past week and that’s nothing to sneeze at.


Reread the first 100 pages that I’ve written so far to refresh myself on where i’m at so I can get to work on drafting a bit of an outline for the remainder. I’m still not quite sure where in the story I’m at, or what kind of climax I want it to have a the end. I’m not worried though – this is how CROSS//Rebirth started in the writing process, and I ended up writing a climatic conclusion that I’m very happy with in terms of events and characterization. Sad lack of gratuitous porn, however. How am I supposed to be amused by the such easter eggs I leave myself when there aren’t any?! Sigh, on my ~to do~ list for nano this year, obviously.

I’d much prefer to have a more chipper entry for this week, but you see, it was a six day work week and I spent my Sunday shopping and walking around in the city aaaand ;D It’s bed time! I have a date with the City Hall tomorrow…and then my vacuum cleaner afterwards. Oh, and a manuscript apparently…sigh.