Weekly Writing Check-In: Kay, now what.

…oh yeah sure.

Those of you who have been following my entries for the past week know that I more or less took this week “off” following Camp, since I had to go on a business trip anyway. It was a pretty good move for me! I got some good ideas when I wasn’t forcing myself to write write write (you know, one of the biggest side effects of Nanoanything). “Sadly”, all those ideas were for novels I haven’t even begun drafting yet. I was supposed to be working on an outline for this year’s Nano. Oops!

That said, no bullet entry this week since I didn’t, well, work on anything. And it was good~. This week is back to business though – editing one draft while outlining another, for the most part. I also had a really good idea for blog posts this week, leading up to my 100th post on Saturday. Since I’m working on CROSS// pretty hard right now, and am furthering my efforts at advertising (for a book not even published yet, no less) I’m going to be posting a main character profile every day this week. I’ll be using my own character profile I drafted quite a while ago (and will post it separately for anyone to use at the end of the week) and each post will be illustrated by hilarious snapshots I took of said characters in The Sims 3. Because I play with my characters in the Sims, okay…soooo hope you’re all looking forward to this week’s impending trainwreck!

re: the current campaign – I’m still i nthe process of addign people and commenting on their blogs. I just figured out how to add non blogspot blogs to my blog so now I’ve gotta go back through and get all the people I missed! 😀