Shameless CROSS// character profile sheet #1 – Danielle

Well I said I was gonna do it yesterday, and here is the first of five character profile sheets for CROSS//, my nano-series-extraiodinaire. Bear with me as I prepare for Nano again this year and for possible publication next year – in the meantime, you get some lulzy Sims 3 illustrations and a greaaaat time killer!
Close your mouth, please.
Name (Identified):Danielle
Full/Real Name: (Lt.) Danielle Sumire Cromwell (birth surname: Smith)
Former Incarnation: Sulim di’Graelic, The Bodyguard That Never Kills
Age: 29
Birthdate: August14th, 1978
Generation: Y
Birthplace: Sacramento,California, USA, Earth
Astrological Sign(Western): Leo
Astrological Sign(Eastern): Horse
Ethnicity: ¾Caucasian (French, Irish, Norwegian mix), ¼ Japanese
Hair (Color): Blonde (natural)
Hair (Style): Pixie
Eyes (Color): Hazel (more green than brown)
Eyes (Shape): Oval
Height: 5’7
Weight: 148 lbs.
Voice: Mid-range,often gruff
Physique: Slender build, muscular arms and legs.
Notes: Danielle is a walking recessive gene, especially regarding her quarter Asian ethnicity. She’s often asked if her blond hair is “real” and she gets very defensive aboutit. Her eyes are more green than brown and are not prone to changing often. She’s naturally slim, but weighs more than she “should” because of how often she’s worked out over the years and how much muscle mass she’s built up as a result. When she was a child she had long hair, but cut it in high school and never looked back.
Yeah, I’d judge him too, gurl.
Mother: Emily Smith, deceased
Father: David Cromwell, deceased
Siblings: None
Grandmother: (Capt.) Regina Biggs, Ret.
Pets: None
Notes: Danielle’s father died before she was born, and her mother died when she was five, both of separate car accidents. Danielle does not remember her mother aside from the last time she saw her, when she was being dropped off at her grandmother’s for babysitting before her mother disappeared forever. Both of her parents were teenagers when she was conceived. She’s often told that her father was a good-for-nothing. Her mother suffered from various mental illnesses that were exacerbated by having a child, and even Danielle believes that her mother’s “car accident” was actually a suicide. She was raised by her paternal grandmother from the age of five. Her parents were never married (although engaged at the time of her father’s death) and thus she was born with her mother’s last name, Smith. Her grandmother legally adopted her before grade school, however, and thus she came upon her current last name. She has no extended family that she knows of.
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Degree: Bachelor’s in American History
School: Large public university (dropped out after sophomore year, completed degree in the military)
Job: Data Entry Personnel for the United States military
Boss/Supervisor/Commander: (Capt.) Miranda Hotler
Former Jobs: Odd jobs on farms and ranches as a teenager, retailer in shoe department of local department store during college.
Ambitions/Goals: None
Notes: Danielle only went to college because she had nothing else to do after high school – shehated it, and thus dropped out after her sophomore year. She then enlisted in the military and has worked for the government ever since. She has never been deployed – instead, she has done nothing but office work as a data entry specialist: she’s the person who updates personnel files, such as changes in name, location,and status. She has no career ambitions, and instead is content with her current position in life and does not wish to pursue a rank promotion to captain anytime soon – nor does she expect to have one handed to her as she likes to stay under the radar. She works in a special department that on the surface is for personnel who are too physically disabled for field and combat work but not so much to be discharged; however, it’s actually a cover for non-heterosexual personnel living in an era still riddled with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Her grandmother used to supervise the department before she retired.
idek what they’re fighting about.
Sexuality: Bisexual, with preference for women
Status: Single, lonely.
Turn Ons: Musk and other “deep” fragrances, low voices, love notes, being hit on by more domineering women
Turn Offs: Flippancy, smoking/drugs, large age discrepancies, “mysteriousness”
First Lover (Female): Yuri Furusawa (formerly Watanabe) (high school)
First Lover (Male): Brandon O’Hare (college)
Other Notable Lovers: Ally, only and former girlfriend of one year
Love Interests: Miranda Hotler (begrudgingly)
Best Friend: Troy James
Other Friends: None that aren’t casual
How Others See Her: Standoffish, quiet, reserved, snotty
Sub/Dom: Submissive, but used to being dominant in relationships
Notes: Danielle prefers to be in a relationship although she’s only been in one serious one, which ended a year prior to the start of the series. She realized she was queer in early high school and has since only pursued relationships with women even though she is bisexual. In college she met a man a few years older than her who she had a brief affair with to affirm her ability to enjoy sex with a man.Otherwise, most of her relationships have been with women younger than her. Because of her sometimes androgynous, often “non-feminine” style she’s approached as a dominant side in relationships, and other women want such from her. However, Danielle sees herself as more of a submissive type, both sexually and relationship-wise, but has become comfortable taking on the dominant role to the point that she has a hard time reconciling the submissive side of her when it appears.
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Favorite Color: Black, Pink
Favorite Food: Stir-fry, chocolate
Favorite Music: Rock (particularly from the 90s)
Favorite Band: Garbage, Savage Garden
Favorite Song: “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” by Garbage
Favorite Book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Animal: Cats, horses
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Irish whiskey
Clothing Style: Jeans, T-shirt, jacket, flat or quarter-heeled shoes.
Hobbies: Watchingmovies, reading/hanging out in restaurants and cafes.
Guilty Pleasures: Teenmovies from the 80s/90s.
Notes: Danielle’s general laid-back attitude lends herself to low-key hobbies, such as watching TV and going out in small groups. She varies between spending evenings by herself relaxing and going out with her best friend in the hopes of finding a date. Because she’s an American history buff she mostly keeps herself to American lit classics, and likes anything from Hawthorne to Steinbeck, although she admittedly doesn’t read much at all. The only reason why she likes horses at all is because her grandmother is a fanatic and Danielle grew up with them all around her and on her property – in middle school she was even a junior rodeo champion at one time, although she has forgotten most of what she knew about horseriding since then and doesn’t care to learn again.
DAMNIT she missed~
Dexterity: Right
Handicaps: Poorsight in right eye
Diseases (physical): Breast cancer (remission)
Diseases (mental): Diagnosed schizophrenic as a child (remnants of past life regression)
Notes: As a child Danielle suffered from numerous regressions from her past life that induced violent seizures and speaking in “tongues” (or, her old tongue). Her grandmother took her to various specialists who, at the time of the 80s, diagnosed her with schizophrenia. As she grew older her regressions left her and she was figured to have “grown out of” her mental instability around the end of elementary school. A couple of months after breaking up with her girlfriend, Danielle was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ, a type of breast cancer. She had a lumpectomy and some radiation therapy and was later pronounced in remission. At the start of the series she has only been back at work full-time for about three months and still makes frequent trips to the doctor’s.
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General: Friendly, humorous, laissez faire
Strengths: Supportive of her friends, stubborn in ability to pull through tough times, willing to help strangers
Weaknesses: Stubborn to the point of obstinacy, shuts people out quickly
Outlook: Pessimistic-Realist
Idiosyncrasies: Scratching her head, biting hang nails
PoliticalAffiliation: Independent, very liberal
Religion: Atheist
Fears: Rejection (both romantic and in general), going back to the mental instability of her childhood, being shipped off to Iraq/Afghanistan
Phobias: Slight technophobia
Offended By: Homophobia, misogyny
Pet Peeves: People who don’t think before speaking, loud and unruly children
Vices: Social drinking, occasional one-night stands

Wants Children?: No

Drunk Type: Giggly, slurred speech, incredibly clumsy, absolutely no filter at all.

Death of Choice: Quietly in sleep
Notes: Danielle does not ascribe to any group or worldview in particular, preferring to make up her own mind about things – although in reality, it’s mostly because she finds group-think annoying and destructive. She likes life quiet and slow and avoids confrontation, but isn’t one to pass up a chance to explode against bigotry and to tell others why their opinions suck.
Drives: 2005 Black Ford Focus
Lives: Downtown 1-bed apartment
Relationship toAuthor
Ways she’s like me: Same general outlook in life, like the same bands, same generation
Ways she’s not like me: Attracted to different types of people, very different career paths, she’s not artistic/I am, she has way more health problems than I do
Notes: Danielle was one of the first two characters I created for the series (Devon being the other) as she was one of the only characters to show up in my original dream I had that inspired the series. In the very early stages of the series she was more feminine, often wearing dresses and skirts until I changed it. Actually, the original incarnation of Danielle was actually more like a combination of her and Miranda in terms of style and personality, until I cut out the “Miranda” half and made her into a separate character. This is also reflected in the fact that Danielle was originally, in the very, VERY beginning a special-ops captain until that obviously changed too. She also used to be way better at relationships and almost always had a girlfriend until…that changed too? Ha. Her first name comes from a very old character I had as a child who kinda looked like her, and I decided to reuse the name since I liked it and it suited her. She’s been “Danielle”since the beginning and is one of the only main characters in the series to not have a name change at any point.
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