Double the fun, double the web space!

First off, I’ve received the Versatile Blogger award again today! (I’m wondering, does this mean I should post it twice on the blog awards page? lol.) This time it was from AE Martin over at her blog! Thanks so much!

I guess this means I should “pass it forward” now, eh, considering I finally have the time! So, here’s the rules for receiving this award:

“1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!”

Oh, seven things about myself, huh. Well, okay.

1) I majored in Japanese studies during university even though I hated it by the time I graduated. Just to make the irony even bitterer, the first job I finally got out of college (after a whole year in Japan) was teaching English in rural Japan. I’ve been here since April with the goal of saving up money to move back to the States and self-publish my debut novel.

2) That said, my favorite thing in the world is Pikachu. You don’t wanna know about my Pikachu collection. It will scare you (especially when others enable me with Pikachu gifts, haha). I also love Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and all forms of J-pop. Sooooo I do enjoy Japanese media if nothing else.

3) Cats are the most perfect beings in the universe. This is undisputed fact, actually. Didn’t you get the memo?

4) I LOVE ORANGE. It’s my signature everything in life. All my stuff is orange. Most people don’t think of orange until they meet me and are surrounded by it. People have this funny habit of handing me their orange things, haha.

5) I write a lot about death. ie: what happens when we die. I didn’t even realize this until a couple of years ago when I was comparing notes from my various stories/series. Apparently I am obsessed with death as an overarching plot element.

6) I also have a huge amount of queer (LGBTetc) characters – a lot of this has to do with the fact that I’m not-straight at all myself and, come ON, there is so little good stuff out there in terms of lesbian fiction, let alone characters! Fun fact: I just developed my first prominent gay male relationship and I have no idea what to do with them because that’s just…different territory, ha.

7) I wrote my first novel when I was four. It was about my grandmother and a pegasus, hell yeah.

As for passing this on to 15 people…I don’t  think I know that many people! Ha. So I’ma make it three because that’s way more manageable for me.


1. miho li @ miho li – anyone who posts as many fun snippets as she does obviously deserve this award.
2. Dan @ Dangerous Dan’s Blog – because he’s been following me for quite a while now and is generally a pretty cool guy.
3. Lorelei @ Lorelei’s Muse – I’m not really into vampires most of the time, but reading her blog is starting to make me think otherwise!

That’s it for today, folks. If you read my last entry you I have my daily dose of Sailor Moon to attend to. Sarabada~