Weekly Writing Check-In: Preparing for the Inevitable

lol spoilers tbh.

Hey guys, it’s October.

October is a great month for three super solid reasons.

1) My birthday is in October. Actually this should be all you need to know about October to know that it’s fabulous.

2) It’s full-on fall now. Hot weather is LOL BAI and blessed coolness all day comes and makes life freakin’ bearable outside again.

3) NaNoWriMo season is officially here.

GUESS WHAT. I’m going to do what I’ve done for every nanowrimo I’ve ever been in since I started in 2007 (except for last year technically) and work on a WIP. Another 50k here we come.

So this is what I’ve been doing this week~~


Finished editing chapter 2 and almost done with chapter 3. Hoping to have it completed tonight so I can start fresh on chapter 4 during my business trip. The first five chapters are the first hump to get through as they’re the first set of chapters I wrote en mass, so they always require the most changes and the most analyzing on my part to make sure they match up with the rest of the novel. Thus far I’m averaging about a chop of 1k words per chapter – most of it is fluff, redundancy, etc, all that good (or not so good) stuff. Editing while on my trip should be…interesting, granted that I will be moving everything to my traveling EEE PC. Not the greatest computer to do any doc work of any kind on. At least I THINK it has Word 2007 (what I use on my main laptop here) on it so my flow should only be disrupted by a super tiny keyboard and it crashing every five minutes from memory loss.


Like I said above, Nano season is here, which means my preparations are in full swing. Luckily, that’s not very much! I’m more or less ready for nano to come now. I’ve known what the following couple of chapters were going to be since the end of last nano. And I already outlined pretty much the entire next section that I may or may not get through this year. So all that really leaves me with is finalizing where things are going so I can just jump in and write write write without too much blockage. I think I mentioned last week that I fubbed on a plot point but that’s since been sorted out (as you may see in the pic I’ve posted). Oh, about the pic. I needed to take a pic of something. But, you know, spoilers~ So check out at your own risk or just admire my super badass orange pencil I got yesterday. (Seriously? Japan is the best place to buy cheap and amazing office supplies. It’s an addiction, really.)

That’s all for this week. Proper Nano flail post to come if I ever find time this week~