Name That Character!…kinda.

Are you SURE this isn’t in Oregon?

One of the great things about being networked with other writers is that…well, you can use them. Shamelessly. And rip them off. Shamelessly.

I’m in a small, annoying pickle, readers. A pickle of my own creation but a pickle nonetheless. You see, I need to come up with about 99 last names. Well, exactly 99 last names. I’ve got…10?…so far?

These last names will comprise the 99 family/house/estate (they can never agree on what to call them, okay) names that make up an advanced humanoid race in my CROSS// series. There are only 99 names because well, they live a really freakin’ long time and don’t breed much. (I hear the men are largely asexual. Damn.) And since I only have about 10 figured out so far and would like to have a reference list of all 99 should I ever need some names…this is where you come in!

Help me come up with some names!

First, the background info of these people:

1) They are called the julah, and are the supposed oldest kinds of humans in the universe.
2) Full-blooded julah live between, on average, 3500-4000 (Earth-ish) years. Less than that live to about 200 if descended matrilineally, “normal” human lifespan if patrilineally.
3) Their role in the universe is to act as spiritual priests, guidance counselors, and academics to the Void to which they are connected.
4) They are a very uniform and quiet people who keep mostly to themselves.
5) Most of them can practice varying levels degree of sorcery as well depending on their education. This includes manipulating matter, teleporting, psychic channeling, and healing at the very basic levels. Advanced julah (mostly at the priest level) can communicate with spirits, create alternate-reality spaces, place souls into a constant state of reincarnation, and even raise the damned dead.
6) There are about three million full blooded julah left in the universe at the time of the series, twice as many half-blooded, and an uncounted amount of a quarter and less blood (after a half most naming conventions are dropped and the julah government just doesn’t care, man.)

The names that you (or hell anybody) can contribute have to follow only very simple guidelines.

1) Containing 2-3 easy to pronounce syllables.
2) Can be based on “real” Earth names like some of the ones below but nothing like “Smith” or “Rodriguez” or “Tanaka” (ie. the most prominent names), obviously.
3) I have established a small pattern of names ending with “-an”, for whatever reason. I don’t really want more than 33 or so names to have this ending though.

Otherwise, go wild!

If you have any name suggestions or just general keyboard vomits to contribute, feel free to comment with them. Odds are I’ll shamelessly steal use them, and even if the names never make it into text they’ll still be on my master list of the 99 names. :’)

Names I already have are listed below. Bolded names are names that some characters already have so they’re a done deal, if you’re looking for ideas to jump from. I kinda wanna have every letter start at least one name, so if you have any great “X” suggestions…

No but seriously guys I need like 89 more names. Go.