NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 1: 1667 Words Go By Quickly

Wow, that’s a lot of numbers in that title.

Here, have some more!

Day #: 1

Words Written Today:
Total Words Written: 3552
Amount to 50k Goal: 46,448
Total # of Pages: 6.5
Total # of Gratuitous Sex Scenes: 1 (kinda)
Drive: Stable

Today’s Hilarious Forum Topic?! Acceptable in some cases? (or, “This is really serious, you guys. Time to rage quit reading and give arbitrary reasons I’ve over thought.”)*

So far so good for Nano. I always start off pretty strong though, but I’ve got a LOT  of downtime this week so I hope to keep it up for at least the first week here. The reason why I didn’t do so well last year when I was unemployed is because…well, it was a rough time in my head.  And every other time I’ve done this before was during college. So I have some hope for being really productive this year!

Thus far I’ve finished one scene (that started with a lesbian sex dream and ended with frantic phone calls in a public restroom and am almost done with a second. I hope to finish both the current scene I’m on and reach 5k by the time I go to bed tonight. I’ve been cosmically blessed with some really solid ideas of where to finally take this particular book and I’m stoked to just keep writing. However, this is my first time ever fighting the “inner editor”. Probably because I’ve been so deep in editing these past few months. I keep looking at some things I write and think “ew. I’m gonna hate myself later when I’m editing this hot mess.” But I remind myself that it’s the first absolute draft and thus it will massively suck. Yay!

How y’all doin?

*You all can take “?!” from my cold dead hands. Also I can’t take the interrobang seriously even if I do usually root for the underdog.