Weekly Writing Check-In: lol editing.

I…I have no better subtitle than that. Seriously.I mean, just the usual editing junk. Finally made it up to chapter 8 in Rebirth which is where I left off last time before Nano made me go “LOL U” at it until this past month. So that means back to serious editing, full of “omg i can’t believe i worded it that way make it stop”, SEARCH AND DESTROY, and generally watching the word counts go down a couple thousand. Joy.

Meanwhile, still writing on Revenge. Only a few hundred words before going to bed, but it keeps me busy on it. Editing is technically more important right now but I do love me some writing before bed.

ANYWHOZERZ I have a small announcement! This is  post 198, so you know what that means! Sometime this week (probably Tuesday) will be the 200TH SUPER PARTY POST and YES there will be a contest / nice prize to celebrate 200 entries of this blog! So be sure to check that out this next week!

There will also be internet cookies.

Now I have your attention.