Hubpages Wednesday: A lot of articles, all about Japan, Part 2

All my savings from Japan….in cash.

Can’t believe I couldn’t post these past couple of days. Cold keeps killing me. Well, more like the jetlag is still killing me now. Can’t sleep more than five hours at a time usually, which leaves me totally exhausted and sleepy around sundown, and thus the cycle continues. Slowly making progress though!

In part 2 of today’s fun, we’re taking a look at the newest additions to the Living in Japan series over at Hubpages. Today we get to learn How to Take the Train / Subway in Japan and The Japanese Yen: Designs and Denominations. Personally I think the first one is more useful, but the second one has proven to be more popular by far. Go figure.

Anyway, I promised to talk more about my earnings thus far. If you’re not worried about SEO strategies then you probably haven’t heard about Google Panda or Penguin. Basically, they’re new top-secret algorithms that are supposed to “help” get better results for your searches, but have proven to be anti-everywebsitebutownedbygoogle and have caused a LOT of people to lose hits and earnings on their websites, not just HP. Thankfully I haven’t been hit too hard (yet, Penguin is still new as of last week) yet and still see gradually increasing earnings. Last week I almost made it to four dollars but since I was out most of the month I couldn’t really give my articles the attention they need to thrive more. So I’m not worrying about it. I’m already at one dollar for the month and am shooting for five total this month. I’m casually taking part in the 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge – I say casually because thus far I’ve written a hub every day but I’m not going to make it a focus of my month. But we’ll see.

Well, off to do more market research and hub writing. These are my mornings thus far since being home =P