BOOK REVIEW: “First Taste”, by Paisley Smith

First Taste (Naughty Nooners)First Taste by Paisley Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I picked this one up on my Kindle because 1) It was free and 2) The synopsis was interesting. (Essentially, Natalie goes to the planning of her high school reunion and meets up with Hayley again, a woman she once “experimented” with and still harbors feelings for. Hayley feels likewise, and their antics take them from the bathroom to the bedroom and beeeeeyond.)

Whenever downloading free ebooks, there is always a gamble on quality. Especially with erotica, I’ve noticed. I’ve been burned about 4/5 times with shoddy writing, unbelievable/unhealthy characterization, and just embarrassing situations. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter any of that in this piece, as a huge pleasant surprise. In fact, quite the opposite. Aside from a few stylistic differences in opinion with this author/editor, I thought this short was wonderfully written with strong characters and some…rather…hot…experiences. (It felt like Christmas over here.) Definitely will re-read someday and am hoping the author dallies in F/F again if she hasn’t already, because she can consider me a fan!

The only downside I felt was the cover. As far as I can understand the author had no control over it, but the cover really isn’t helping anything. I see most of the lower score reviews for this short are based on the fact it’s F/F. Obviously the summary states it’s clearly F/F, but it just goes to show some readers are going by the cover and not the summary.

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