The LOVE, DIFFERENTLY BLOG HOP Coming this November!

It’s my great pleasure to announce the LOVE, DIFFERENTLY Blog Hop coming this November! With the help of writing and real-life friend Morgan Bauman, we’re putting on a four-week long (that’s right, the whole month!) blog hop centered around ROMANCE, ROMANCE, AND LOTS OF ROMANCE!

…With a twist, of course! (And prizes!)

The purpose of the blog hop is to get writers out of their “romance comfort zones”, so to speak. Most authors of romance (and this includes those who have novels where romance is a background characteristic, not necessarily the main genre) tend to stay with what they know or like best:  men and women, two men, or even two women, if your name is Hildred. This blog hop challenges you to write romance between all three possibilities!

The Basics of the Blog Hop

  • Each week will present a type of pairing, alongside a couple other small requirements (example: a certain word that must be used, to help prevent people from writing way ahead of time.) The characters must be shown in a “romance” scene. These can range from dramatic, to comedic, to sexy (but if you get on the erotic side of things, please label so ahead of time!) to even adventurous! Your choice!
  • No more than 500 word scenes / flash fiction, originally written for the blog hop.
  • Must follow ALL the prompts listed for the week of participation.
  • Participants may, well, participate on any week they choose, including all four. 

Here’s the planned structure for the blog hop, including the judge/prize for the winner:

Week 1:  M/W pairing. Judged by Hildred. Prize is a three chapter/20 page (winner’s choice) critique of any WIP by the winning author.

Week 2: M/M pairing. Judged by Morgan. Prize is twenty pages of intense, detailed line-editing, or general feedback and overall reactions to a whole manuscript (if it’s under three hundred pages).

Week 3: W/W pairing. Judged by Hildred. Prize is a copy of the erotic lesbian romance “DAISUKI.” in any formats available of the winner’s choosing.

Week 4: WRITER’S CHOICE! Pick any of the previous three pairings! Judged by Morgan. Prize is a copy of the YA fantasy “REWRITTEN 1: FALLACY” in a variety of formats (minus audiobook).

RULES for Joining the Blog Hop

  • You MUST sign up for the link list below. This way not only can the judges find your entries easily, but everyone else can see, too!
  • You don’t have to participate every week, but at least once would be great! 😛
  • If you intend / end up writing a scene that’s more of the 18+ variety, you are expected to put a note at the top of your entry as a courtesy.
    • On that note, we will leave it to the participant’s judgment when it comes to showing “sexier” romance and underage characters. When it doubt, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution, whatever your caution may be.
  •  Please post your entries on the designated dates (to be announced in the coming weeks.) If you foresee any reason you will not be able to schedule a post for that day (such as an emergency), please contact me/us so we can work something out. (Entries will be judged as soon as possible following each week, so it’s important to get them up in time.)
  • (Optional) Help us spread the word about the blog hop by:
    • Putting the Blog Hop badge somewhere on your site!
    • Tweeting!
    • Blogging about it!
    • Facebook!
    • Tumblr!
    • All those other social media doohickes beyond our radars! The more participants, the merrier!

We’re VERY excited about this blog hop we just had to announce it a little earlier than usual! So start planning your scenes and get ready to expand your romance writing horizons! Can’t wait to read everyone’s entries! (Including my own. This will seriously be my first time writing M/M that’s not off-camera, so to speak!)

**PLEASE NOTE: The terms “male”, “female”, “man”, and “woman” are used very loosely. Males can identify as women and vice versa. Essentially, as long as your characters’ identities fit the pairings, it should be just fine. This obviously includes trans* characters. For those who do not identify as either, that’s one of the reasons we have “Writer’s Choice” in week 4. If you have any questions about this (or anything re: the blog hop) PLEASE ask! You’re probably not the only one!