Weekly Writing Check-In: In Which I Look Super Productive

Woooo, what a week. I worked pretty much nonstop on writing crap, that I barely had time to get any exercise…or eat…or shower…or you know, do life stuff. That’s how I am, though. Once I’m in the zone lol what is basic care of my body~

So, let’s see what I did this week!

  1. Finished second to last round of edits for “DAISUKI.” Which lead me to-
  2. Format it for Kindle! Took a couple days to get the hang of, but I’m not happy to report I know how to format for ereaders in Scrivener! So far I’ve only made a mobi and ported it to my Fire, and am now doing my last edits via reading on the Kindle. Do you know how intense it is to see your book all formatted prettily for an e-reader? It’s awesome! And the cover is FANTASTIC on my tablet. 😉 But now I’ve got the extra aggravations of my last edit, because the Kindle shows me just how repetitive some words / phrases may be.
  3. Wrote three more scenes for the next book in the REN’AI RENSAI series. I’m now two away from finishing the first draft!
  4. NOW FOR THE SUPER EXCITING STUFF! Friday I registered BARACHOU PRESS as my Doing Business As and received my first EIN from the IRS. So, essentially, I’ve started my own business. No press, book, to sell well and make me money to stay afloat. No pressure at all.

I like how those only break down to four points. But it was a lot! I feel quite accomplished today over what I accomplished last week, and look forward to this next week as well!

My goals for this week are to finish writing my new WIP and to finish the last edits of DAISUKI. I should have both easily done by Friday, assuming I’m not coming down with something. Only 15 days until release date!

Oh! And don’t forget, yesterday I launched my very first (although co-run) blogfest, the Love, Differently Blog Hop coming up this November. Be sure to check it out and maybe sign up!