DAISUKI BLOG TOUR DAY 4: Interview at Pipsqueakery

For today’s super totally awesome blog tour stop,I’m over at bff, editor, and cover designer Lindsay York’s blog, where she gave me an interview to write home about. In the interview we talk about the representation of gender, writing about Japan, and the fact that I’m apparently not drunk enough. WOO. PARTY.

Here’s an excerpt question!

Your characters are older—actually adults. Do you find it at all difficult to write about older folks?

I’ve been writing about people older than me since I was a kid! I’ve always been fascinated about adulthood. I once wrote a huge blog post about why I’m not interested in children’s and YA fiction, but tl;dr is that I think adults get a bad rap. Everyone seems to focus on “first time” feelings, like first time falling in love, becoming an adult, and all that stuff. I mean, it has its place, but even I can’t connect to it half the time. My life has not mirrored most of the YA stuff out there in any way. People tell me I’m an “old soul” and I totally believe them. Give me bitter middle-aged women over whiny, wide-eyed teens any day.
Plus, you know, life doesn’t end once you become an adult. People may become more settled in who they are and their morals, but they’re still growing, and still having crazy experiences that will further shape their identities. And what can I say, I relate to being jaded and angry that life is different than how you imagined it would be.

That said, you should totally check out Lindsay’s blog. She really loves literature and writing, and she knows her stuff! Especially go if you like poetry, as she has a poetry feature every Thursday. Also, I hear she’ll be offering editing and cover design services for the small budget author soon!