CREATIVE SURGE plus ANXIETY equals “Wait, what is productivity?”

About once a month this happens to me: I suddenly get overwhelmed with creative ideas, particularly if I’m starting a new project, and my brain runs away from me before my body (typing fingers) can keep up. This then leads to serious anxiety (especially if I’m on a time limit or money is an issue) that basically leads me to running in a giant circles going LKSDFKLAFKLAKLDA and not getting a single thing done.


This is happening to me tonight. It began around 6pm when I was facing the obstacles of my new pen name rolling out in a couple weeks. Next thing I knew, it was 10pm and almost NOTHING had gotten done. Once again: woo.

I always come to the same conclusion: Hildred, sleep on it. Odds are things will be clearer in the morning (or you know late afternoon for me.)

Am I the only one with this productivity canceling issue? What do you do when anxiety is colliding with the creative process?