(No, I am not getting married, before the OMFG U STR8 NOW? comments start flooding in~) This week is a rather silly, ironic week. Mainly that this is the week I will officially attempt to reenter the work force in order to pay my monthly loan bills for this degree I just had to have, (That’s gotten me super far in life. Mm-hmm. Lost generations, and all that.) I have to do this because, while I’m not making chump change at self-publishing, it’s still not enough, and I’m almost all out of savings. I could make thousands of dollars overnight but wouldn’t be able to pay bills next month because of the way Amazon delays payments. BUT today I DID wake up to find more sales in the past three days than I ever made in one month last year. Amazon has been nice to me today. Not only did it finally set ROUMAN to perma-free, but it also finally linked up the DAISUKI paperback and kindle versions. Yay! Still, this is Amazon. I don’t expect it to last long.

This will also be the week I launch a new (lesbian erotica) pen name, focusing on short and to the point works as opposed to my plot and character driven heavy erotic romances I write under my real name. More on that later as I get closer to the release date of the first work. I still have some tax stuff to talk over with my trust tax lady.

Tomorrow, or possibly Tuesday, I will be unveiling the SUPER SECRET PROJECT I’ve been working on since December. Ren’Ai Rensai fans should get a huge kick out of it. But that’s all I’ll say about that for now!

Now excuse me, I have a resume to go brush up.