Weekly Writing Check-In: Announcement of Upcoming Promotions

Wooo I was a bad girl this week. You know what’s sad? The fact that I have two longish blog posts in draft, but didn’t have time to finish or post either of them! Yes, yes, the writing days just get busier. Right now I’m working on three different projects. That seems to be how these things conspire.

All that said, I”ll soon have a series of blog posts lined up for the release of “KATAOMOI.” on March 29th! The first post will be the blurb and cover reveal, followed by a series of blog posts about life and pop culture in Japan during the late 90s. One of my favorite eras, so I’m pretty stoked! Hope you’ll put up with me while I try to scramble all my drafts together. 😛 Looking forward to it!