OUT NOW: REN’AI RENSAI: The First Collection

For the first time the first THREE novels of the REN’AI RENSAI lesbian romance series are available in one shot! The set includes “DAISUKI.”, “HATSUKOI.” and “SEIKOU.” for the low price of $9.99. Not only is that a savings of four dollars, but you pretty much get book 1 for free!

Praise for the REN’AI RENSAI series:

“While I am a fan of erotica to an extent, the plot of Daisuki really engages the reader and made it not only fun to read but created believable characters that you care for and are eager to follow their stories.” – Brittany Barr

“It can be hard in erotic romance to strike a good balance between sexy and emotionally satisfying, but “Daisuki.” does it beautifully.” – Alexis Latshaw

“On the surface, it is a book about hot sex between two Japanese lesbians. If you dig a bit deeper, then you will find it is also a book about Eastern vs Western cultural norms, relationship status differences, societal expectations, family shame and honor, and many LGBT issues including sexual privacy, gender identity, and marginalization.” – Michele James

“This book has two things any erotic romance needs: a compelling conflict and a lot of steamy sex.” – Elizabeth Twist

Open relationships never seem to appear in fiction—certainly not long-term, committed, and realistic interpretations of them, at least. I found the details of their arrangement intriguing and plausible; as I previously said, I also strongly felt their overpowering love for one another, even when they faced challenges. They fit well together, and I loved it.” – Morgan Bauman

REN’AI RENSAI: THE FIRST COLLECTION can be purchased at the following fine retailers:

Amazon – B&N – Kobo <—coming soon as soon as they are processed.