Putting the L In LGBT Music: Uh Huh Her

(Images used for promo purposes only.)

As both a queer woman and a die-hard music lover, I’m always looking for great music that primarily features lesbian band members. While twin group Tegan and Sara are probably the most famous, my favorites have always been Uh Huh Her. Comprised of Leisha Hailey (who played Alice from The L Word) and girlfriend Camila Grey, Uh Huh  Her are an indie band with great, trance-like vocals and a terrific fusion of electro and acoustic sensibilities. Like most groups, their lyrics center around love’s angsts and pleasures, but what makes them stand out is that you know they’re talking about other women. While it’s fun to re-imagine lyrics from other bands with a gay twist, with Uh Huh Her it’s a surety!

Currently they have two full-length albums and three EPs – not band for a band that’s only been around for six years now. (Well, not bad for a Western band. 😉 ) I once almost had the chance to see them live a couple of years ago, but that didn’t pan out. Well, maybe someday!

You may have also heard of them about a year or so ago when they were embroiled in a minor scandal with Southwestern Airlines. According to the ladies of UHH, they were sharing a kiss on board when they were asked to stop. Needless to say, did not bode well with the general gay community.

But, as I said before, UHH is one of my favorite bands ever. Their hypnotic music is great for writing, reading, working, chill out, everything! Doesn’t hurt their voices are ethereal as well. 🙂 If you’ve made it this far you’ve probably checked them out already, but if you haven’t, do it! They need more support!