“JOSHOKU.” Cover and Blurb Reveal!

“One year into their relationship, Reina and Aiko embark on a journey into the world of academia. For Reina it’s about changing her situation in life, even it means returning to a world ran by a foreign religion and young women who claim to be both her best friends and worst enemies. For Aiko it’s proving to her mother, to the world, and to herself that there is more to life than husband hunting. For them both it’s late nights finding unconventional ways to study for tests and as they find new reasons to love each other.

Adulthood lurks in every shadow, from coming to terms with mortality and straining against the shackles that threaten to keep their lives stagnant. Reina wants to find direction in her life; Aiko wants to control her own destiny. Together they want what will become the foundation of their relationship – love, safety, and the exploration of their burning joshoku, or the passion that leads one to women again and again. Even if one of them is an imposter herself.”

“JOSHOKU.” takes place between March, 1994 and Summer, 1996.

The sixth installment of REN’AI RENSAI will be coming out this Friday, June 27th! To celebrate, I will be posting a video every day this week showcasing some of my favorite Japanese songs to come out between 1994-1997… undoubtedly songs that Aiko and Reina listened to extensively in their youths. (And let’s face it, today as well.) Please look forward to it!