The Love, Yumi Song Translation Project: #2 “HANABI ~Episode II~” by Ayumi Hamasaki

In honor of the release of “Love, Yumi” I have taken both classic and modern J-pop songs that relate to the themes and feelings of the novel. 

“HANABI ~episode II~” was initially chosen for its powerful and sad mood, but ultimately included because of the duality of the lyrics. What I mean is that they read as if they could come from either main character for a variety of reasons. They come from the heart of someone who has lost someone dear to them, either through death or breakup. The narrator keeps trying to live in the past but ultimately realizes that they must continue forward, choosing to release their dear memories into the world for safe keeping. (Hanabi is Japanese for fireworks, the imagery that is used to express the scattering of memories into the sky.)


Listen to the song here!



Hey, why do I again

Retrace the steps that I left?

Hey, since then summers just

Keep on coming and going


Yet I remember everything


Your voice calling my name… your everyday habits…

Although I want to forget… I don’t want to forget…


Hey, was the path I chose

A mistake?

Hey, regardless of who I ask

There’s no answer anywhere


I’ve come to hate it, because I knew it


Someday I want to hear it from your mouth

That you’re happy. Then, laugh.

These memories are so beautiful.

I’ll preserve them by locking them away


These feelings

These feelings

Launch them toward the sky

Like fireworks

Like fireworks

Beautifully disperse


振り返ってる 足跡たどって
なんども 巡っているのに


名前喚ぶ声 何気ないくせ
忘れたいのに 忘れたくない

なかったかな なんて
答えは 何処にもないこと


いつか聞かせて 君の口から
幸せだよと そして笑って

想い出はそう 美しいまま
そっと鍵かけ しまっておこう