COMING SOON: Hard to Get

Very special announcement to make! Hot on the heels of The Longest River, I’m coauthoring a new contemporary lesbian romance with Cynthia Dane! The characters Eva and Nadia come from Cynthia’s contemporary romance universe, and it’s about TIME these two got their story told!

Check out the blurb below! HARD TO GET will be coming out September 28th, my four-year anniversary!

What do you do when the hottest and richest woman in town asks you out?

Run, apparently.


No one has seen more billionaire-matchmaking carnage than Nadia Gaines, who acts as the receptionist for the most expensive office around. If it’s not some old (and married) guy trying to impress her with diamonds and trips to paradise, then it’s…

Well, it’s Eva Warren, an old-money heiress whose tabloid exploits are as sordid as they are really, really gay.

Nadia is no stranger to lesbian lust. But no matter how much she wants to give in to Eva’s seduction, one mantra lurks in the back of her mind: Never date a billionaire!

Until the one night she does give in, anyway. Then everything goes to hell!


Life as a billionaire heiress isn’t all sunshine and kitty whiskers, especially if that heiress is Eva Warren. She’s managed to shake off tabloid gossip that’s ruined more than one woman’s life, but she’ll never be able to shake the two things she wants most: to work for her family’s business, and to date every beautiful woman she meets.

Curvy Nadia isn’t like the others, however. Even though the mutual attraction exists, for some reason she keeps shooting down Eva’s advances. Until Eva finally gets Nadia right where she wants her…

Only to have her run away again! And now Eva can’t ever get Nadia off her mind!

So begins one of the hottest games of hard to get to ever befall womankind. High society just might not survive it.