NEW RELEASE: Blown By An Inconvenient Wind

My name is Fumika Oita. Japanese, lesbian, only child, blue-collar worker…

Married to a man. You know. As you do.

When my gay best friend Jiro Oita said he needed a wife to get his inheritance, I was the first one to sign up. But what I discovered is that life changes when you enter even a bearded marriage. Your friends at the bars and clubs suddenly want nothing to do with you. You’ve betrayed them. Good job.

Dating? Forget about it!

My name is Fuu, and this is the wind I’ve blown in on. My grandmother the Shinto elder says I need more spirituality. My ex who is now convinced she’s straight says I need perspective. My friends say I need a kick to the head. The wind? It’s laughing at me, blowing me here, there, and everywhere but into the arms of the perfect woman for me to spend the rest of my married life with.

Is it the priestess at the local Shinto shrine? My embarrassing ex? Hell, is it my husband’s boyfriend?

I’m going to make a lot of dumb decisions and have the awakening of my life. If you’re reading this, then the wind has blown you here too. Fate doesn’t fool around.

But I do.

Let’s pray. For whatever.

BLOWN BY AN INCONVENIENT WIND features a young lesbian navigating her unconventional life in modern Tokyo, with a healthy dose of Shinto spirituality smacking her in the head.