NEW RELEASE: Yearning For More

Buckle your seatbelts and put your tray tables into the upright position, because this sexy plane is about to take off!

From the diabolical minds that brought you lesbian romance hits like HARD TO GET and MENAGE A TROIS, come nine short stories that will take you back to your favorite couples… and everything naughty they get up to in private.

…And sometimes in public!

YEARNING FOR MORE contains nine long short stories that are a mix of deleted scenes too hot for their plots and voyeurtastic looks into their current love lives. On the night of Jan. 31, 2020, these nine couples all have one thing in common. They may be in different parts of the world and dealing with their own personal dramas, but they all want to try new things – or revisit the old favorites.

This compilation of hot and steamy short stories includes the following couples:

Adrienne & Amber (On the Rocks)
Eva & Nadia (Hard to Get)
Caitlyn, Becca and Jane (Menage a Trois)
Natalie & Erica (Bound)
Victoria & Madison (Kiss & Tell)
Maxine & Lydia (Stay Here Tonight)
Leah & Sloan (Games We Play)
Cindy & Rose (Don’t Let Go)
Mitch & Vanessa (Into the Fire)

From the unbelievably kinky to the scorching hot vanilla, this compilation is sure to be the hottest thing you read all week!