NEW RELEASE: December Wishes

In the final installment of A YEAR IN PARADISE, we fly through town and catch up with every couple to grace the page so far. But while Christmas shopping and holiday parties light up the windows, one lonely resident comes to the unfortunate conclusion that Paradise Valley might not be for her.

Skylar Kersten originally moved to town with friend Mikaiya a year ago. Yet what Skylar quickly realized was that one could not simply pack up her bags and leave her worries behind. Paradise Valley is a small, claustrophobic town. It’s hard to make friends. It’s even harder to face one’s chronic singledom when happy couples grace every sidewalk.

While Skylar comes to terms with what she wants from life, the rest of Paradise Valley’s citizens rejoice in their strengthened bonds with one another. As the new decade approaches, one thing’s for sure.

It’s been an eventful year in Paradise Valley