NEW RELEASE: With Her This Christmas

While the rest of the world secluded itself, two women fell in love online…

Seven months after meeting on a dating site, Abbie Greywood and Joyce Stewart are about to experience Christmas in their respective corners of Oregon. Yet when Abbie makes the hard decision to cancel Christmas with her family, she turns to Joyce, a woman with no family left.

Is it time to take their relationship to the next level? Dare they meet in person when everyone is supposed to stay six feet away?

The real reason for the season? Feeling human again.

Joyce hasn’t had in-person contact with anyone since March, when she shut herself up in her Portland apartment and had everything delivered to her doorstep. Not like there’s anything for her out there. The single voicemail announcing the death of her mother leaves her feeling as disconnected from the world as anything else.

But there’s Abbie. And Abbie has offered to expand her bubble to one special person.

Life goes on, even when nothing else does.

Joyce hopes that Christmas in the cozy Oregonian town of Seaside will be exactly what she needs after a long year of isolation and a constant stream of bad news. Yet as Abbie heaps on the Christmas spirit and encourages Joyce to give a smile for Santa, the stress of current events has Joyce running away from the first glint of happiness she’s seen in years.

Will Abbie’s festive holiday cheer continue to push Joyce away? Or will Joyce discover the real reason she’s chosen this sleepy seaside town as the place to express her grief?

This is a lesbian holiday novella that candidly talks of grief, mental health, and the impact the season can have on both of those things. Yes, it has a HEA!