NEW RELEASE: Rules & Roses

Remember New Love? Remember how nice it was to chase that happily-ever-after?

Every HEA begins with that first peep of love.

From the creative pen-name duo of Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings comes RULES & ROSES: Greatest Love Scene Hits. From the sickeningly sweet to the hot and spicy comes thirteen previously released scenes and two brand-new stories!

Almost everyone from the expanded lesbian billionaire universe is here, from Leah & Sloan’s strange first encounter in “Games We Play” to when Nadia and Eva FINALLY sealed it with a kiss in “Hard to Get!” New readers can get a quick injection of some of our best love scenes before deciding which complete story to read next, and old readers can enjoy having thirteen of their favorite couples falling in love all over again! No more flipping through separate books when it’s all right here!

But that’s not all: Readers are invited to vote on which of the two bonus stories they would most like to see turned into a full-length novel! More details inside.

This anthology contains the following:

GAMES WE PLAY (Leah & Sloan)
KISS & TELL (Victoria & Madison)
HARD TO GET (Eva & Nadia)
BAD GIRL LOVE (Audrey & Dylan)
CRASH & BURN (Jade & Stella)
ON THE ROCK (Adrienne & Amber)
WITH THIS RING (Jenny & Nicole)
THREE’S A CROWD (Maya & Loren)
MENAGE A TROIS (Caitlyn, Becca & Jane)
UNTIL WE BREAK (Yulia & Stefani)
DON’T LET GO (Cindy & Rose)
INTO THE FIRE (Mitch & Vanessa)

And the following two bonus stories!

VOWS THAT BIND (Jewel & Elena)
LIE TO ME (Blair & ???)