NEW RELEASE: Everything She Needs

A scorching age-gap ice-queen romance with a happy ending.


College student Tara Staudenmaier will do anything for her family. When medical debt looms, she doesn’t hesitate to do whatever it takes.

Even if it means putting herself – and her inexperience in love – up on the auction block.

She only asks that nobody discover her biggest secret. The reason she’s gone gray at twenty and now has something to offer a would-be suitor looking for a month-long affair.


Two years after the death of her husband, Astrid is used to the jokes and jeers from the peerage. Everyone knows she’s a trophy wife who received the inheritance of a lifetime.

But it didn’t come without a price. Traumatized by her former experiences, Astrid now spends her nights subjecting herself to the same events that once changed her life.

That’s how she discovers Tara, a young and naïve woman who will be chewed up by the same system that stole Astrid’s own youth.


When Tara arrives at Evans Manor for a month of companionship, Astrid rejects their mutual attraction, if only to sleep better at night.

Soon, she can’t sleep at all.

The electric chemistry between Astrid and Tara is unlike anything to hit the quiet country manor. While Tara explores what it means to fall in love and indulge in her lifelong fantasies, Astrid confronts the nightmares that have turned her into the ice-cold queen of her fortress.

Everything she needs is within grasp – yet she denies it.

Until she can’t anymore, and all hell breaks loose.