NEW RELEASE: Clash & Bang

A well-deserved date night goes south…

It’s the end of 2020, and all couple Jade Emerson and Stella Moore want is a belated anniversary celebration. Unfortunately for them, a crime occurs right outside their restaurant window, and private investigator Stella is on the case.

Her job? To determine if the death of an investigative journalist was actually a murder… and what her relation to a designer drug making its way through the cold, rainy streets of Portland might be.

A big coincidence becomes the second hand of fate…

Jade’s commitment to helping her partner stops when her own world is turned upside down. After losing her childhood home to the summer forest fires, Jade discovers that her parents have been lying to her about her lineage her whole life.

Luckily for her she has Stella, who is more committed than ever to their long-term relationship. The year has been long, isolating, and hard on Jade’s recovering body – but Stella is ready for the next step, the next phase of her relationship that finally exposes what she’s subconsciously wanted her whole life.

Right after this case is solved!