NEW RELEASE: Vows That Bind

The heart knows what it wants…

If experienced lifestyler Jewel Kane could have anything, it would be the perfect Mistress – bold, commanding, and consuming her every breath. That’s why her friends introduce her to a niche matchmaking service that will make her forbidden dreams come true. She only needs to show up to a media mogul’s high-rise office for the first date of a lifetime.

The body knows what it needs…

Recently burned by the love of her life, entrepreneur Elena Zelenko has a heart harder than steel and colder than ice. Yet when she meets Jewel, she becomes instantly attached. Not that Elena believes anyone could replace the woman she once loved more than her career. She doesn’t believe in miracles, no matter how perfect and natural they feel in her bed.

The more the dates go by, however, the more Elena realizes that Jewel may be her last chance at lasting happiness. Their instantaneous chemistry and ravenous hunger for one another can’t be a fluke.

The soul knows what it yearns to have…

A romantic weekend in New York seals their fate. Elena and Jewel enter the most legally binding contract that two women can sign. What ensues is the epic fallout of their whirlwind affair.

While optimistic Jewel embraces her new life as the partner of the city’s toughest Domme, Elena spirals into self-doubt and regrets about her life before Jewel. If they are to remember why it feels so right, they’ll have to prove that their love is more than pageantry and passion.

It’s destiny.

VOWS THAT BIND is an insta-love tale with a happy ending. It features a couple who embrace an alternative full-time lifestyle.