NEW RELEASE: Games of Chance


Leah Vaughn’s life couldn’t get better. While the world changes around her, she has a successful bakery in Downtown Portland and a girlfriend who tends to her every financial, emotional and physical need.

Yet a wrench is thrown into her life when her daughter Karlie, the one raised as Leah’s little sister, announces that she is pregnant.

What should have been a fond farewell as Karlie returns to college is now the surrealist dream Leah has ever experienced. Not only does she have to navigate these waters on her daughter’s behalf… but she has to reconcile becoming a grandmother in her early thirties!


Nobody is less impressed by the situation than Sloan, an older woman who has not only endured one of the nastiest divorces to hit the Pacific Northwest but has sworn to never have children. Yet as the drama in Leah’s family ramps up, Sloan realizes that things won’t be as simple as their kid, their problem.

Leah will make sure it’s Sloan’s concern, too.

Thus beings the most unlikely phase of their relationship. Sloan’s life is no longer expanding her business, traveling the world, and spending long, luxurious nights with her beautiful girlfriend. It’s arguing over who will raise Leah’s grandchild and what that means for Karlie’s own uncertain future.

All while dealing with Leah’s mounting insecurities – both out of and in the bedroom.

Sloan only knows two ways of dealing with these kinds of things…

Money, of course. And enough late-night loving to sate even the hungriest panther in the sheets.