Weekly Writing Check-In: TK Struck Again

Pikachu is easily impressed, even by fallible machinery.

I have a purple ASUS EEE PC 900 that I got three years ago this month to use when I studied abroad in Japan during college…see, my normal laptop at the time was a large 17in desktop replacement and that wasn’t very good for hauling around. (That one has since died. The one I have now? A 19in gaming monster.) Obviously I wasn’t going to use it for anything extravagant beyond web surfing and word processing with maybe a game or two of solitaire thrown in. LOL OOPS.

Well we got what we paid for in this POS and on a good day it’ll take 10 minutes to load a web page and another five just to open Firefox to begin with. But that really doesn’t mean much for this week’s edition of Check-In. The fact that even Word crashes all the damn time does.

Every month I have a four night stay in a hotel for my job. I take this thing with me and usually it’s “good enough” to give me my internet fix in my down time. But now that I’m in serious editing mode I take the chapters I’m working on that week on my USB and try to get shit done.


Between the serious eye strain (hello 9in monitor!) after a couple of hours and the ridiculously small keyboard (and I have small hands!) the only thing else standing between me and successful editing time is the fact that the memory is always dying and word loves crashing when there’s no memory. After about Wednesday I finally gave up on getting editing done while on my trip and instead focused on handwritten notes for nano.

Thankfully I was able to finish my editing goals for the week tonight with some time to spare if I want to get a  jump on next week’s goal. I now have the first four chapters done! Nothing to sneeze at. I’m still averaging about 1k chop in every chapter which I find pretty silly.

Anyway, here’s more pictures of my Pikachu Puppet (lol Puppetchu) messing with my shitty laptop with two names. (The first and actual one is MEGU, the nickname is TK which stands for both Tiny Keyboard and Tetsuya Komuro. Yeah. Don’t ask.)

omg pikachu you can’t just type stuff.    

Stop laughing at my tiny hand, Puppetchu! It’s been up your butt! (Also is that a cool mole placement or what.)

I need new technology already =(