Hubpages Wednesday: Recognition? I’ll take it!

Five seconds of Hubpages fame.

So last week a couple of pretty cool things happened with me on Hubpages. No, I didn’t suddenly start making hundreds of dollars a day…heck, to this day I’ve only made about 27 cents. Nope, the next best thing happened, and that was having two of my articles featured in their categories!

The two articles were Top 10 Legend of Zelda Easter Eggs and The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline, both of which were featured in the Adventure Video Games section as seen in the screencap on the left! They were only in the featured wheel for about a day each, but still, it meant a staff member stumbled across my articles and thought they were badass enough to go up there to begin with. Awww yeah.

That said, I’ve only got one new article for y’all this week. The last of the Zelda articles, Top 10 Legend of Zelda Races talks about exactly what the title insinuates. Starting next week I’ll be branching into other topics, including one about a very, very famous cat.