Weekly Writing Check-In: Chasing Myself in Circles

Uh, yeah. Sure.

Remember how I said I was going to write 25k this month, while trying to average about 1k a day? Yeah, I’m not sure how I’m doing. I’m definitely writing every day, but I’m not keeping track of how much – and I don’t caaaare! This isn’t NaNoWriMo, this is just me pushing myself to get most of this draft done so my muse will be satiated and I can get back to editing. (March will be Hell for editing. I’m two months behind, after all.) So right now I’m just punching out as much as I can a day without paying too much attention to the word count. Doing pretty well? Suuuure.

That said, I’ve encountered one of my nemeses: The Chase Scene. Now, I’m not too shabby, I think, with most action scenes anymore – fight scene? Awesome, especially if it’s between two pivotal characters who have a lot to fight out. Even better if they’re taunting each other! Suspenseful scenes? Okay! Especially if people are losing everything around them and their sanity is but a single thread ready for me to cut!

Chase scenes?

Oh, no.

I don’t know what it is about chase scenes I hate so much. I’ve always hated them, and not just writing them. I always ignore them in movies and gloss over them in other books. Remember when the rule was you’re supposed to go quickly through them anyway, and leave out all the details because nobody would realistically notice them? Well, now I’ve been reading up some more, and the trend seems to have steered in the OPPOSITE direction, and we’re all supposed to be Dean Koontz. Lol, screw that. Seriously.

When it comes to chase scenes, my thoughts are – make it as short as possible. Only put in the necessary details. Unless a major plot point somehow happens between Point A and B, there’s no reason for me to know every damn twist and turn somebody goes down. I also don’t care how hard they’re running. I just want to know where they’re going and if they’re unscathed. Oh, and what happened to the person chasing them…I guess.

Can you tell I wrote one a couple nights ago? Half asleep, no less. It was awful. I literally did the bare amount necessary for a rough draft, thinking I would flesh it out in Round 2. I will be seriously kicking myself for that later.

But I don’t care. Because chase scenes suck. Why can’t we all just sit around and talk/fight out our feelings?

Any kind of scene you just hate writing/reading?