“HATSUKOI.” now available in Paperback for only $9.99!

After some oops and ohohohos and more oops from Createspace, the HATSUKOI Paperback is finally ready for purchase! I received the final proof today, and although CS goofed the spine a little (more on this later) it has been approved for public consumption. You can get your copy here!

I do have a bit of a gripe with CS lately, though. Up until last week, all my proofs (aside from goofs on this end) came out near flawless. It was rather mind blowing. Starting last  week, however, I’ve been getting books with the spines way off center. I know that each printing has its own variance, but this is getting annoying. I’ve already had one buyer contact me politely pointing out that her copy had an off-centered spine and I had to explain that was CS printing and she had a stroke of bad luck. I ended up offering to replace it for her but she declined, citing it was fine. BUT STILL. Sigh. I’m ordering batches of both DAISUKI And HATSUKOI to take to the writers’ conference next week and they better be aligned. Blargh.