For two years Jun and Reina have had an agreeable arrangement: when it’s convenient, they’ll meet up and have a good time together. “Good time,” however, has changed over the past few months. Beaten with stress from her job and the dilemmas of her primary relationship, Jun has decided she wants Reina to be more than someone she meets for hours of passion between the sheets. To be more than a “nigou,” or the dirty mistress on the side.

Emotional commitment isn’t exactly something Reina can subscribe to. She’s used up her intimacy tokens with her wife Aiko, and now the idea of bringing another serious woman into her love life isn’t exactly her idea of fun! Not to mention Jun’s younger girlfriend Saya, who is less than keen on the idea of multiple partners, but willing to make it work.

As they tiptoe on the edge of polyamory, both Reina and Jun have to decide what they want from each other – and from their primary partners. What they discover is the give and take that can happen beyond the scope of a casual relationship. How two women can find the therapy missing from their lives in the arms of a nigou.

“NIGOU.” takes place from May – September, 2014
I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one! Not only is it the longest RR universe novel yet, but it’s very, ah, intense, if you catch my drift!